The Basic Energy Circulation Technique Used In Chi Gung And Energy Flow Asana Practice, Part 2

by Kalidasa on February 26, 2009

This is the continuation of the article The Basic Energy Circulation Technique Used In Chi Gung And Energy Flow Asana Practice, Part 1. This very powerful meditation can be life changing, I know from personal experience.

The Basic Energy Circulation Technique

The basic technique is done by using your will power to draw the energy up the spine and down the front. It may take time to feel the energy, but continue to practice even if you don’t experience the energy at first. It will grow stronger with use, like exercising a muscle.

You can use the breath to help the energy move. Start with a long, slow inhale as you bring the energy up the back and into the head. You can take a normalizing breath or two while you bring your attention to the point of contact between the tip of the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Feel the contact point and the energy.

Some people feel the energy while others may visualize it’s movement. Still others may hear the energy’s passage or even taste or smell it. It depends on the individual.

Take a deep breath, and with the exhale bring the energy down the front of the body and back to the perineum. Bring the energy right back up again with your next inhale.

Making the Energy Stronger
There is another practice that is used by many cultures for getting the energy to move strongly up the back. It is a simple exercise wherein the genital/anal area is draw up by squeezing the muscles in the pelvic floor.

Start by squeezing this area three to five times as you inhale the energy up the back, especially at the beginning of the breath. Holding the contraction is also possible. Relax that area as you bring the energy back down the front. Repeat when starting a new cycle.

To Complete
It is important to take time at the end of your practice to bring the energy to a holding place. It can even be harmful if this is not done.

At the end of your last cycle, as the energy moves down the front, take a minute to focus the energy in your belly for storage. The main point is called the chi point which is located one forefinger width below the belly button. This is the root and center of the third chakra, which extends up from here to the solar plexus.

This is the best area to store the energy. Allow your belly to relax out as the energy fills it up. Eventually it will start to feel like a tire around the body.

As you use your will to move and control the energy in your body, your ability will increase. This ability to use your will translates into life as the ability to use your will to get what you want from life.

Note: Unethical behavior causes your divine Self to withhold fulfillment of desires in life. This is the essence of the law of karma (literally: action). Each action you do brings an appropriate reaction from the Universe of which you, as divine, are part and whole.

Health, vitality and longevity are also possible with the Basic Energy Circulation Technique. I once heard about a healing clinic with a high success rate in treating the very ill using only this technique plus wholesome food, water and air.

Coupled with other practices, the Basic Energy Circulation Technique can even bring seemingly miraculous powers such as being able to absorb powerful blows without injury. It all has to do with chi or life energy, prana in Sanskrit. It is possible to store chi in the body so that it will absorb the blow and protect the physical body.

How Long to Practice build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum
Start your practice with something you will actually do. Less is better than more if you find yourself not practicing. Even a minute or two a day can bring benefits.

I recommend starting with three minutes a day and increasing by one minute every ten days. At the end of a year that would be 40 minutes counting one minute for completion. An excellent practice.

It can take up to a year and a quarter for you to accurately evaluate the effects of this practice. However, it is likely that you would experience benefits long before that.

This technique is an important part of many Chi Gung techniques as well as Energy Circulation Posture Practice.

There are many possibilities with the Basic Energy Circulation Technique, and many benefits as well. It can be done as a stand alone meditation, or done with other practices such as chi gung exercises and yoga postures. And, it can bring life changes and abilities to those who practice regularly. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the technique.

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